I/C Principal’s Desk

Namastey and greetings to all!!

Marching towards a fresh year again, I feel absolutely delighted to have come so far in the journey of successful completion of 17 years of experience in imparting just the right kind of wisdom that I have always dreamt of….to my beloved students.

When I look back from where we had just begun sowing seeds of this pious endeavour of ours, I find myself having strong back up and support system that has stood by me like a solid rock all these years and to which I am eternally thankful, is my team of dedicated and diligent members who have ensured my institution becoming a mark of grand success by now entering into newer ventures of imparting also skillful knowledge with initiation of self financed and post graduate courses such as MCom in Accountancy and Management, Bachelor in Accounting and finance, Bachelor in Management studies, Bachelor in Information technology along with super successful running of regular BCom courses too… the latest and most remarkable achievement of ours being associated with Yashwant Rao Chavan University,IIT Bombay and initiation of Subhash Desai Law College also running under flagship of Nirmal Education Society.

Though being very thoughtful about extending academic excellence as the top most priority, I have always also ensured my students radiating excellence in activities other than academics such as Sports, Cultural, WDC, NSS, Guidance and Placement, Guidance lectures in academics by experts, and so on. Our students participating in intercollegiate cultural, sports, academic fests, etc adds another feather in our cap as proud members of this institution.

Boasting of another noteworthy fact is that I am also able to fulfil my social and educational obligations by associating myself and my team with provision of education to those who are physically challenged with hearing impairment and being also able to bring their talents out not only related to academics but also through their involvement in extra curricular activities…just as my institution’s other students are capable of.

My personal involvement in all the areas as mentioned above, provide me with the satisfaction that I derive when I actually find my students being engaged in jobs post completion of their selected degrees and that is when I find this urge to appeal one and all navigating through the website to associate themselves, their children with this institution that I am very proud of, to seek the knowledge, the education and most importantly the wisdom that is for sure required and expected of them in outer world where they step out after leaving with their degrees.

With lots of blessings and gratefulness to all….

Dr. Yashwant S. kadam
Incharge- Principal
M.Com., M.Phil., B. Ed., Ph. D.