Central Library

Library is the heart of the Institution and it plays a very important role in all over development of students by providing support to their curricular and co-curricular participation. 

The total number of books as on 31st March, 2021 is16122 and covering topics from all the streams, we added 1703 books this year which cost Rs. 3,10,741/- including all subjects reference books and general reference books etc.

The Computerized searching and lending facility is available in the library to save all time of who visit. We also purchased LMS Software of Library which is licensed copy for the use of library activities. We provide library services, free of cost to true knowledge seekers, and also to the ex-students .

Internet services are provided to teachers along with Self finance course students too. We provide internet facility to the students to fill up the scholarship forms, to complete the projects with 9 computers and sufficiently trained staff.

As a librarian I am aware of the importance of my role and I have planned a number of activities that would help our students as well as teachers in future.

  • To develop the reading habits and personality of the students.
  • To improve and shape the students’ creative faculties.
  • To enhance student’s vocational efficiency and carve them into a self-reliant individuals.
  • To guide students in the selection of reading materials for support curricular and co-curricular studies.
  • To prepare students for life-long self education process.
  • To help to complete the objectives set by the college.
  • To support the student and teachers in learning and teaching process held during lectures in classrooms.
  • To help to attain our Motto ” Education, Discipline and Development and Participation”.

Library Staff Members : Mrs. Tejaswini Ravikumar Gaiwal Asst.Librarian

Sr. No.  Name  Designation 
1. Mrs. Tejaswini Ravikumar Gaiwal Librarian
2. Mr. Pravin Kirdak Library Attendant
3. Mr. Ganesh Khandare Library Attendant
4. Mr. Sandeep Chavan Library Attendant  

Library Collection

Course Number of Books 
B.Com 15500
BMS 370
B.Com.( A & F) 389
B.Sc. (IT) 60
B. Com. ( B & I ) 84
BFM 84
M. Com. I & II 123
Reference  books 265
Book bank 824
Donated Books 126
Map 02
Total 17825


  • Asian Journal of Management and Commerce 
  • Indian Journal of Marketing
  • International Journal of Advanced Education and Research
  • International Journal of Commerce and Management Research 
  • International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
  • International Journal of Research in Human Resource Management
  • Shikshan Sankraman
  • The Bankers
  • India Today

Book Bank Scheme

The college implements Book Bank Scheme annually semester wise for students from socially and economically weaker sections.

 In 2016-2017 an Amount of ________-was Spent to Procure 824 Text Books  available in Library . 

Course Available Set in Library
B.Com 40 
B.M.S.  03 
B.A.F.  03

Students from Commerce stream benefited from this scheme.


Services to students :

  • Home lending
  • Reference
  • Catalogue
  • User orientation
  • Reading room
  • Book bank
  • Career guidance
  • Display of new arrivals
  • Current awareness service

Services to Teachers :

  • Home lending
  • Reference
  • Catalogue
  • User orientation
  • Computer and printing
  • Reading room
  • Periodical lending
  • Display of new arrival
  • E-Learning Center

Library Rules :

  • Every student admitted to this college is eligible to borrow books for home reading.
  • During exam period two books are provided per student. 
  • Every student will be issued only one book at a time.
  • Books will be issued only on producing of Identity Cards.
  • Books will be issued normally for one week only, borrowing period however can be extended on request provided a book has no demand from other students.
  • Students desiring to borrow a book should submit a demand slip in the prescribed Demand
    Slip a day in advance.
  • Students are advised to submit a fresh demand slip in case books are not available against
    the previous demand slip.
  • In case of renewal of books the concerned student will be required to physically produce a book.
  • Textbooks and prescribed book will be issued to the students only if the concerned students
    are studying in the respective classes and not otherwise.
  • In case of delay in returning the books, no overdue charges will be recovered from the concerned
  • It is responsibility of the concerned students to see that the pages of book issued to them are
    in tact / in order and if a book is found to be damaged / spoiled / ink marked etc. at the time of
    return , responsibility for it will rest with concerned students.
  • The timing of issuing and returning of books for the students are as follows : –
  1. A) Between 8.00 am to 12.45 pm 

Identity card will not be treated as valid unless signed by the Principal and college stamp
is put on it.

In case of any difficulties, problems etc. regarding library matters, students are advised to meet the Librarian and try to get their difficulties and problems solved.



Report on Library Proceedings

The college library was set up in 2007-2008 with the mission to cater to the information needs of students and faculty. The library functions as an information resource center to laid the college in achieving its aim.  

The College library is full of enriched resources.  The library is the soul of college, buzzing with activities throughout the day with teachers, students and researchers seeking specialized knowledge.  The library is spacious and well equipped with books, periodicals, book bank and newspapers collection.  It is enriched periodically with the addition of latest publications in the filed of education and allied subjects. 

Purpose :

The purpose of our library is to freely disseminate knowledge especially to the students from economically weaker sections of the society.  Our library is therefore operated on a need based approach rather than the usual rules based treatment given to students everywhere.  We allow open access to the collection and encourage students to read books and access resources to accelerate individual and social development. 

Objectives :

  • To make the library a place to learn and grow. 
  • To develop the reading habits and personality of the students.
  • To improve and shape students’ creative faculties.
  • To enhance students vocational efficiency and carve them into self-reliant individuals.
  • To guide students in the selection of reading material for curricular and co-curricular studies.
  • To prepare students for life long self education process.
  • To help to achieve the objectives set by the college.
  • To support the student and teachers in learning and teaching process.
  • To help to attain our Moto “Education, Discipline and Development and Participation”.
  • To inspire teachers, professionals to become efficient users of library and develop a passion for learn. 
  1. Area of the Library and Reading hall Capacity : 300 Sq.Mtr. 

We believe that  library is the gateway to knowledge, provides a basic condition for life long learning, independent decision making, and cultural development of  students and  teachers.  Focusing upon the very important role of the library, our college library has been growing steadily over the years. 

  1. Total collection of the Library as on 31st March 2021 :
Sr. No. Item Types No. of Books
1 Text Books 15083
2 Book Bank 617
3 General Books 106
4 Reference Books 139
5 Donated Books 126
6 M.com. 51
  Total Books 16122
5 Journals & Periodicals 06
6 News Paper 06